CARIB Tails—Media


Humpback Tail Photos Wanted Cruising World

(August, 2014)


“A 45-Ton Male Sings the Blues”
(p. 28, 3/2014)


CARIB Tails, An International Citizen Science Project for
Yachters Sailors for the Sea article



Following Footprints: A whale of a tail across the ocean

Stellwagen Bank E-Notes (3/2015 (p. 4-6).


Humpback Whale Migration

(p. 27, 2/2014)


Partnership and Protection Beyond Borders—UNEP Newsletter


Sailor’s Tales and Humpback Tails Make a Splash for Science

(p. 13, 3/2016)


Sanctuary Launches CARIB Tails

Stellwagen Bank E-Notes (January-March, 2014).


Weighty Wooing—The Humpback Facts of Life

(p. 29, 4/2015)


Whale Ahoy! Yachters to assist with humpback whale research.

NOAA in the Caribbean {Vol. 2/Issue 3, 2/2014 (p.1, p.5)}.


How Do Whales Sleep without Drowning
(p. 31, March 2014 Issue)


Do Whales Ever ?
(p. 32, April 2014 Issue)


Who’s “Footprints”?
(p. 38-39, March 2015 Issue)


Why are there “Slicks” on the Sea?
(p. 30, April 2015 Issue)


Hitchhikers—A Whale of a Ride
(P.34, May 2015 Issue)


Do Whales Snore?
(p. 40, March 2016 Issue