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Photo: NOAA

Capture an Insight into the Journey of a Humpback Whale

If you get to see a humpback while cruising in the Caribbean, you will never forget it.  If you take a good photo of a fluke, you can contribute to the conservation of this spectacular animal.


The North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue

Your photos will be submitted to this Catalog, which has been maintained since 1976 by Allied Whale at the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine USA.  The Catalog contains fluke photographs of more than 8,000 individual humpback whales, and is the result of collaboration between scientists, naturalists, citizen scientists and tourists who have contributed photographs of humpbacks from regions including the United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and the Caribbean.


Thank you for your contribution.

You will receive an email acknowledging your submission.  If the photograph is of good quality, it will be credited to you in the catalog.  Your contribution will go a long way to further understanding the migration behavior of this species.  Note:  Photographs may be used for educational purposes.

Photo: PCCS